Ownership Simplified

Centriq helps you get the most out of your home and the things in it.

How It Works

Take a picture of a product label or nameplate.

We take it from here.

Sit back as our proprietary technology adds everything you’ll need about your Refrigerator.

We find everything associated with your stuff

Relax, this can take a day or two.

We add User ManualsReplacement PartsHow-To VideosRecall Notifications

Everything you need to use, maintain, and manage your stuff.

Now, just add the rest of your stuff!

Ownership Simplified

The Ownership Experience Platform

Just download Centriq, take a few photos, and enjoy.

Receive every product recall warning

More than 15 million appliances have been recalled in the last five years for a defect that could have caused a fire. Centriq tracks the national recall database and notifies you as soon as a recall gets published for anything you added to Centriq.

I was sitting at my desk, and in came this email notifying me that my dishwasher had been recalled. I couldn’t believe it. Centriq works!Paul

Find the right replacement parts

Don’t know what specific model of water filter you need for your fridge? Wonder no more. Centriq provides all the available parts, supplies and accessories for the things you own, so you can reorder whatever you need with just a few taps.

The last time I changed that filter, do you think I made a note of the brand and size so I wouldn’t waste a trip? Of course not. But this time, it was all in Centriq.Krista

Never lose another manual

Centriq automatically adds the manual and other documents and guides for everything you add to Centriq. So next time you’re unsure how to program your DVR, you have the manual at your fingertips.

What a relief, the next day, when we found every manual in Centriq. That made the transition to a new home so much easier!Joel

Troubleshoot that noise with ease

Can’t figure out how to stop that chirping noise your fire alarm is making every couple of minutes? Centriq provides you tips and how-to videos specific to each product you have added. Try it before you make the call.

Too many times, I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to have someone come fix something in minutes. I won’t waste money like that again. Now, I’m using Centriq.Jessica

Get help from a professional

Don’t know who to call when your garage door won’t open? Don’t worry. Centriq gives you local, qualified professionals for every job. Have a favorite painter or plumber? You can easily add them to the list, too.

Thanks to Centriq, it was easy to figure out what the problem was with the garage and just as easy to find someone to fix it!Aaron

Homeownership is a team sport

Not only can you find qualified professionals to help fix your stuff, your realtor, insurance agent, and other professionals can seamlessly transfer all of this information to you. Just ask them for Centriq.