A $200 service call for a $3 part

What was it I was supposed to do again??

Don't stress. Just press play.

by Jessica F. - Boulder, CO

Recently the irrigation system in my garden stopped working. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I called the installer. After he was done fixing the system, he pointed out a generic looking piece of plastic. “This is the culprit. And it WILL break again. They make them very poorly. Good news is, it costs about $3 at the local hardware store. Next time this happens, just replace this part and save yourself some money.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t write that little tip down. So, fast forward a year and, when it broke again, I couldn’t remember which part was to blame. Instead, I had to call the installer and go through all that yet again. Fortunately, by the time of the second visit, I had the Centriq app on my phone, so I used it to record a 10 second video note showing me what to do when it breaks again. Next time, I’ll simply watch the video. Even better – I’ll play it for the guy at the hardware store. Either way, I’ll save the $150 service call.

Cool stuff, Centriq.
Jessica F.
Boulder, CO

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