I know that pipe's here somewhere...

It’s like X-ray vision for the home

Capture the location of pipes and wiring before drywall goes up

by Joel P. - Healdsburg, CA

Recently, we sprung a leak in the bathroom wall, and we needed to make repairs ASAP. We wanted to keep costs down, so we were hoping the contractor would only need to do a little damage to the existing walls. Boy were we wrong.

Because we didn’t know exactly where the pipe was located, the contractor ended up having to take out much larger sections of the drywall than we’d hoped. He told us that if we’d had photos of that part of the house before the drywall went up, the damage would have been minimal, as he’d have known where things were. Needless to say, we won’t be in that position again – at least for this wall. We used Centriq to take a photo note of the location of the pipes before they patched the wall. Next time a repair is needed, it’ll be like we have X-ray vision.

Joel P.
Healdsburg, CA

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