A gift homebuyers remember

The closing gift that keeps giving

"Everything we need to know about our new house
is now in one spot"

by Ross & Stacy P. - Larkspur, CA

When we bought our first house, our last realtor gave us a doormat. Seriously. A doormat.

This time, our new realtor gave us Centriq and digitized our home for us before we moved in. Centriq really is the gift that keeps on giving. It came preloaded with instructional videos, user manuals, and “how to” videos from the manufacturers of all the stuff in the house. It’s like having a futuristic user manual for the house. It has a bunch of other cool features that are helping us get the most out of our new home; we can upload photos of all of our valuables to create an insurance inventory; we create video notes on how to do the complicated stuff that is done so rarely we’d otherwise forget it.

The other day, the previous owner came by and we had him explain the irrigation system and we captured a video note of it in Centriq. Also, we now know paint colors for later touch-ups. We uploaded the receipts for all the new appliances we bought, along with their installation contracts and warranties. We even uploaded the new house’s floor plans so we have room and window measurements handy when we’re out shopping for furniture. It’s a totally different experience having all this at our fingertips. Wish we could’ve had Centriq with our last house.

Ross and Stacey P.
Corte Madera, CA

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