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by Olivia T. - San Francisco, CA

My husband and I recently remodeled our home. Things were changed around quite a bit in our living room. We were finally able to upgrade to a sectional sofa that the whole family could fit on. We’ve been looking for the right one ever since we finished the remodel. We went a bit over-budget on the project so we needed to find a deal (had no idea sectionals were SO expensive!)

The other day my mother and I decided to drop into the Crate & Barrel outlet store after dropping the kids at a playdate. We found the perfect sofa! It was gorgeous. Just what we’d envisioned. And it was 60% off because of a bit of damage no one was going to see anyway. The only problem was that it was a fair bit longer on one side that we had been planning on. It was hard to say whether it would fit along that wall.

Mom and I were torn. No one was home to call to take a measurement. And at a discount like that, if we ran home to measure, there’s a good chance it would be gone when we got back. What to do…

I texted my husband to get his opinion. He reminded me that he uploaded the floor plans from the remodel into the Centriq app. Turns out I had the actual room dimensions in my bag all along! So I opened Centriq and quickly found the measurement I was looking for. Thrilled to report that it did fit and we’re the proud owners of a fabulous new sectional!! Yay!!

Olivia T.
San Francisco, CA

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