Do you have the model number?

“What model is it?” How would I know?!?

Drove 50 miles just to find a part number

by Krista E. - Washington, DC

Recently I got a call from the tenant in a rental house we own. The hot tub was making a strange sound and the water looked murky. I knew the filter needed to be replaced. But what filter did I need?

I was kicking myself because the last time I changed it I knew I should make note of the brand and size. But did I do that? Of course not. I could call the shop I bought the hot tub from but they’ll try to sell me their brand of filter and I know from experience that it’s way more expensive. I could call the tenant and ask them to look but the filter is in a “hard to get to” spot and they’re not particularly mechanical. The house is 50 miles away but I had no choice but to make the drive and look for myself.

The good news is, this time I have Centriq. I’ve already digitized my own home but now I’m doing the rental property. In just a few minutes of snapping photos, the next time I need a filter everything I need to make a quick (and cost-effective) purchase will be right there!

Thanks Centriq!

Krista E.
?Washington, DC

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