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by Wendell - California

Differentiate your listing with the one thing homeowners really need.

The numbers tell the story. Over 5 million homes sell every year in the United States. That means you are probably competing with dozens (if not hundreds) of other sellers in your market for the same buyers. You need to make sure that your listing stands out. Making it look nice inside and out, taking great photos, and advertising in the right places are all key. But it seems like everyone is doing that — what else can you do? Fortunately for our customer Wendell, there’s Centriq. He digitized his home with Centriq, and used it as a way to differentiate his home in the “For Sale By Owner” market. Here’s his story:

Centriq helped me attract more buyers and get better offers

When I decided to downsize and sell my house, I wanted to test the “For Sale By Owner” market and avoid the seller’s agent commission. I figured, how hard could it be? Seller’s agents do a lot of the work, but I’m retired, so I have the time. And I’m in California, so there are lots of buyers. As it turns out, there are lots of sellers, too. I realized right away I needed something to make my listing stick in buyers’ minds. That’s when I found Centriq.

Centriq made it easy for me to create a digital user guide, customized for my house; one place the buyer could turn for all the information they’d need to care for or use the home. This really caught buyers’ eyes and piqued their interest. What buyer actually wants to start all over again learning a new house?

Centriq provided lots of resources that made digitizing the house easy, and helped me enhance my listings and advertisements. When I showed buyers my house, I was able to use Centriq to highlight everything that’s unique to the house, and help buyers feel more confident that it would make a great home for them. I made videos to teach them how to program the drip irrigation system and how to use the security system, which buyers really appreciated. And everyone loved having all the user manuals and “how to” videos for the appliances – it was a great conversation starter, and I think it really made my house stick in their minds. My house sold much more quickly than I thought it would, and I was able to generate more offers than I’d hoped for.

Thanks Centriq!
Wendell A. in California

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