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by Martha H. - Philadelphia, PA

Centriq saved us a trip to the hardware store (and a climb up the ladder). An indoor floodlight went out in the ceiling of our kitchen while my husband was off running errands. Normally one of us would have to get a ladder, unscrew the dead bulb from the ceiling, take it to the store and match it with a replacement, then come home and make a second trip up the ladder to replace it…

But this time was different – I simply texted him and told him “kitchen ceiling light out” and while he was already out running errands he was able to find the right bulb at the local hardware store. Because he had a photo note of that light bulb saved in Centriq, he was able to just match it at the store. He brought it home and we replaced the bulb in one go.

Problem solved.

Thanks Centriq!
Martha H.

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