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With Centriq, keep all the information from your remodel in one place, so you can easily find it when you need it.

by Tracy - New York

If you’re like most homeowners, there are things you want to do to improve your home. But, like most homeowners, you may not be prepared for the chaos that is about to hit you: your house is a shambles, and you have a million odd details that you need to store and manage – contracts, permits, receipts, warranties, paint colors, photos and more. And when the project is done, being able to find and access that information quickly and easily can be important. Fortunately for our customer Tracy G in NY, she found Centriq, and we’re happy to say she completed her remodel both organized and sane. This is her story.

With Centriq, I kept all the details in one place, and my project on track

We fell in love with our house before we bought it – great location, great schools, perfect size for our family – but we always knew we’d remodel the kitchen. We finally got started this summer and I was ecstatic. I love to cook, and I was going to finally have the kitchen of my dreams.

I decided to manage the remodel myself — I’m extremely organized, and I’m a complete DIY’er, so I thought it would be fun and easy. As it turns out, there’s way more involved in managing a major remodel than I thought. It seemed like every day there were more details and paperwork to manage than the prior day. Fortunately for me, my contractor introduced me to Centriq. With Centriq, it was easy to keep everything about the remodel on my phone, so it was always at my fingertips. Now, I have all of the contractor’s paperwork in one place for taxes, as well as the other details I need to make care, maintenance, and any future repairs fast and easy. Things , like floorplans, paint colors, photos of the location of pipes and wires, finishes like countertops and flooring, and more. Now, I have the kitchen of my dreams, and the confidence that I have everything I need to keep it running smoothly and get the most out of it for years to come.

Thanks Centriq!
Tracy G. in NY

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