User Manuals at Your Fingertips

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  • Never struggle to find a product manual again.
  • Easily troubleshoot problems.
  • All just by taking a photo.


We don’t think about product user manuals until we actually need them. But they’re critical to solving problems and keeping things working as you expect them to.

Unfortunately, they’re never accessible where and when you actually need them. So we just live with things not working right.

Now, with Centriq, you can have all your user manuals right at your fingertips. On your phone so you can actually use them while you’re standing in front of the problem.

For EVERYTHING that you own. From appliances and equipment to electronics and toys.

And it all happens simply by taking a photo. No typing required.

From that photo, Centriq identifies the product.

And brings you powerful manufacturer’s support content including the manuals, help videos, even replacement parts, and accessories.

So start taking pictures of the labels on your stuff and sit back.

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