It’s the weekend before tax day!

Are you at your desk fretting over W-2s and trying to figure out what to itemize and deduct? We hope not! Hopefully you’ve been done with taxes for weeks and are using this weekend time to relax.

Whether you are sailing free or in a time crunch now, we want you to remember that you can can add documents and receipts attached to any items in the app, keeping all of the information together. Centriq is almost as good as taping the receipt to the item itself. One of our favorites is adding your car to Centriq. Then when your DMV registration bill comes in, snap a photo and add it to your car. Now when your tax preparer asks you how much your registration was last year, you have it right there! No more searching around for the folder you stashed away somewhere last July.

So How about it? What can you add to Centriq to make taxes easier next year? Computers, equipment, tools, supplies, automobiles… the list goes on and on..

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