Welcome to the New Centriq!

We have upgraded Centriq with a new look, faster speed, and a lot of new features.

What hasn’t changed? Centriq still sends you everything you want to know about your things with just one photo.

Send us a picture of the product label on your household items which clearly shows the manufacturer and model number, and we send you manuals, related parts and accessories, and any relevant instructional videos that we can find for your item.

Centriq helps you remove the frustrations of ownership, whether it is your home or your things, by making it easy for you to learn, use, maintain, repair, and replace the products that you have in your home.

Early adopters of Centriq know that we released a browser based version of the application in March, and now the mobile application is available in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out (reply to this message) if you have questions or feedback. We want to hear from you!

Learn About Centriq

You can read about the new features below.

Or watch the video to take a tour.

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New Features

Centriq Online

Many of our users have asked for a version of Centriq that can be used on their laptop or desktop computer, and now it is here! The web app is optimized for use on iPad and other tablets and phones.

You can add photos, videos, documents and new items using drag and drop from your computer into the app. This also means that the same app works in the same way on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

Add Anything

Tap the big plus button on the home screen to add any type of content: Items, photos, videos, receipts, documents, notes, groups, service providers, or a new address/property.


Move (almost) Anything

(Centriq Online Only)

Move items, photos, videos, documents, notes and receipts between groups, and between items. The ability to move items or content between properties is a feature that will be coming soon.

Property Level Content

(Centriq Online Only)

Add photos, videos, documents, notes and receipts to a main section related to the whole property itself. (web only)

Manually Enter Brand and Model Number

When you have a hard time finding the product label on an item, the product label is in a hard-to-reach place, or if you just know the manufacturer and model number and want to type it in rather than taking a photo of the item, you can type this in to fields in the app and submit to our service for processing.

If the manufacturer/model number combination are already in our database, the item contents are returned instantly.


Picture Thumbnail Previews

When we have added parts and manuals into Centriq for your items, you can see the picture of the part and a preview of the manual before you click to open the new web page.

Suggested Groups and Items

When you create a new account, Centriq automatically populates your home screen and the groups with suggestions of what you can add in Centriq. This will give you lots of great ideas of what kinds of things we will send back valuable manuals, parts, and videos to support.

Address Not Required

Centriq 3.0 does not require your address to sign up, only a zip/postal code. In order to take advantage of advanced features later, we may follow up and ask for an address. But it is not needed not for you to explore the application.

Support for Canadian Addresses

We added Canadian cities and provinces as valid selections when you add your address to the app.

Intuitive Interface

Modify, add, or delete an address
Locate your list of all service provider contacts
See all of the files you have added in the app in one place
Access to your account details

Features Coming Later in 2018

Centriq will continue to roll out new features throughout 2018. With each new release we will keep you updated about what is changing.

Ability to set up maintenance reminders and notifications.
Ability to export your information to a spreadsheet for inventory, insurance purposes and other reporting.
Add items to Centriq automatically from your receipt when you buy or from order confirmation emails.
Find out the age of your items based on the serial number.