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Centriq ignites Recall Revolution with in-app safety recall feature. Americans can finally be safe in their own home.

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Centriq is calling on Americans to join the Recall Revolution. Stop waiting for a disaster, fire or death to occur before they act on removing unsafe products from their home.

Centriq Helps Warn about Recalled products

Why is it a revolution? Because Centriq is changing the system. Safety recalls have always been a cumbersome and dysfunctional process. Manufacturers depend largely on news coverage to reach consumers about their unsafe products. This delivery method is ineffective and leaves millions of people in the dark about the dangers in their home.

But no more. The Centriq app places consumers in the know with email and in-app safety recall notifications. Anything, from appliances to electronics to power tools—as long as the product is added in Centriq, it is on the watch-list, powered by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Now getting notice of consumer product safety recalls is convenient, automated, and reliable.

“We are the only app or service providing notifications for consumer products in the United States. How many people monitor the CPSC website on a regular basis? Does anyone? Centriq removes the mystery and the need for you to do the research yourself. I found out I had a recalled product in my house, and I bet you do too.” says James Sheppard, Centriq CEO.

Sheppard received a notification from his own app about a space heater he had installed in his newborn’s bedroom. 35,000 of these were recalled due to burn and fire hazard. It was installed a mere 2ft from the crib.

Deadly crisis averted, thanks to Centriq.

Centriq is available for free on iOS and Android as well as online at In addition to safety recall notifications, Centriq provides the user manuals, parts, accessories, how to videos and other reference information for any products added in the app.



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  Download Media Kit (zip file 16MB)



Leading home technology company, Centriq, announced the launch of their updated mobile application following the release of their successful browser based app launch in March 2018. The updated version delivers all of the features users have come to rely on via their mobile app with a more intuitive and streamlined user interface.

Users have waited for the ability to manually enter manufacturers and model numbers and for better communication within the app about the status of products such as whether or not they are recalled or if the team is still working on locating expert information after the item has been submitted.

Personalized to each home and user, Centriq simplifies ownership by taking brand knowledge (manuals, instructions and troubleshooting), user knowledge (receipts, inventory, warranties) and expert knowledge (videos, parts & accessories) and stores them all in one central location. The highlighted feature of this release is where Centriq searches the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to provide users with important product safety recall notifications. The application can be used to find information on anything, from a blender to a refrigerator, or a TV to a drone.


Centriq Users
Centriq users are owners – homeowners, renters, business owners – anyone who has things and wants to know how to use, maintain, repair, and replace those things.

Product Features
Users add their items to Centriq by taking a photo of the product label showing the manufacturer and model number. After that, Centriq:

  • Sends product safety recall notifications via email and in the app
  • Provides PDF versions of owner’s manuals, user guides, installation guides, troubleshooting guides, and so on.
  • Captures documents, receipts, photos and videos added by users
  • Provides links to professionals who can come and do the work
  • Provides related parts, supplies, and accessories that right for your exact model
  • Find the right top rated service professional for the job
  • Keep track of paint colors to save you time and money on touch ups
  • When buying or selling a home, transfer the appliance and equipment manuals, service history and information about the home

What types of things does Centriq manage?
Centriq manages any of the following and then some

  • Major appliances
  • Electronics
  • Power Tools
  • Small Appliances
  • Medical Devices
  • Gadgets

Centriq for Professionals
Service professionals, real estate agents, brokers, and any other professionals who want to stay in front of their clients can take advantage of the Pro features available from the Centriq platform. Sign up as a pro, and Centriq will allow you to place your branding within the application. Any clients that sign up for the application using your dedicated pro link will see you picture, logo, and information in the app whenever they log in.

Please visit for more information.

PR Contact:
Imani Lea Brown


Centriq in the News
Company Profile
Centriq FAQ
Quotes about Centriq
James Sheppard’s video about heater recall

  Download Media Kit (zip file 16MB)



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