Notable Quotes

“I love that Centriq notifies me of the recall. Would not have known any other way.”


“I wish I could put my kid in Centriq”


“I really enjoy being able to upload a photo and voila, all the info appears!”


“Great app! Impressed so far with the accuracy and detail of information. We love how it has organized our household.”


“Just sending a note to say that so far, I’m VERY impressed with this app – it’s finding manuals from electronics we bought 20+ years ago. Seems like magic 😉 nicely done – love the app! Kudos to TOH for bringing it to my attention!”


“I have used the app since I saw it in an print issue of TOH and I’m very happy with it. I do like eliminating paper files when ever possible as long as there is a good backup process. Much easier than digging through a big tub of manuals and receipts. Thanks”


“I was able to log all my belongings in 15 min. Month later I needed to replace my water filter for my fridge, was able to use Centriq to easily order the part via Amazon, and watch the how to videos to learn how to replace it myself. This is a wonderful app to log all your belongings and get notifications for recalls and warranties!!!”


“Great app. It found all my appliances and my car. I can read all the user manuals in the app and I can order spare parts from the app. It saves me a lot of time, I don’t have to look for part numbers. Each appliance took me about 5 minutes to set it up. Definitely 5 star from me.”


“Being a homeowner it’s not easy to keep all the paperwork organized. With Centriq I don’t have to worry about my appliances paperwork. I know where they are at the time when I need them.”


“I have recommended Centriq to everyone I know. It’s the most valuable app I have ever used. Having all my appliance and tool manuals at my fingertips is great and I’ve referred to them many times. I especially appreciate that you dig up old obscure manuals working from a picture of the whole item when no serial plate exists. Thanks for all you do. I hope you get all the success you want from your efforts.”


“Amazing! Thanks so much. Already ordered the new part. So easy 😊”


“This made getting my part so easy. I’ve already placed my order in fact. Thanks for such great service.”


“I like what this has become in such a short time.”


“Thank you for the prompt response! I am loving the new web-based app, it makes adding items very easy. Keep up the great work!”


“Just opened app for my i pad. Have not really had a chance to play but i can tell you right off the bat that I LOVE the updates. I guess really what I’m saying is your team is just awesome. Probably the BEST app ever. Thanks for making my life easier. I need it.”