Help Her Around the House

Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

If you still haven’t picked up the perfect gift, we are here to help.

If you are the go to person who takes care of things around her house, you might spend a lot of weekends or off days going over to her house to check on or repair things.

What if Centriq could make this easier for you?

For mother’s day, make her breakfast or brunch, and then give her the gift of fast and easy help with her home maintenance.

Add her fridge, computer, smart devices, sprinkler system controller, and anything else you’ve ever been asked to look at, fix, or get parts for. You can either add it to your own account, or create an account for her.

Just think of the time you’ll save if you know right away when she needs a new water filter. You can order it yourself without going over to check the model number. You can have it delivered to her house straight from Amazon Prime.

Don’t forget, adding her things to Centriq can also keep her safe.

Centriq will send product safety recall notifications for anything that is adding in the app which shows up in our recalls watch-list.

With her home set up and digitized in Centriq, you’ll have everything you need to help her when something she owns needs attention.