FBI warns there may be a threat to your home internet

Its all over the news, but have you done it yet? The FBI has advised that all homes with an internet router need to reboot due to a malware system linked to Russia.

Since you have to be connected online, usually in your home, to use Centriq, we are betting that if you are on our mailing list because you signed up, you probably have a home network and a wifi router. If this is true.. this message is important to you.

What is this really about?

You might ask, what is malware and what is a reboot? Well, malware is computer code that is sent over the internet to collect information that passes through office and home internet routers. It can disable your devices, steal your information, and sometimes damage your computer, phone or other connected devices.

The good news is, all you have to do is turn your router off and then turn it back on again. That is all it takes to “reboot”. If you want to follow the remainder of the FBI recommendations related to this threat you should also turn off any settings that allow for managing your router remotely.

What can you do for ongoing safety?

Since restarting/rebooting your router is good for the health of your equipment, it is a good general practice to restart at least once a week or every few days. Similar to restarting your computer or phone, restarting allows software to update on the equipment and it optimizes the speed and connection.

Your internet service provider might have a mobile app that you can download which will allow you to access your router settings, reboot it remotely and complete other key actions related to keeping your home wifi and internet secure. These functions can also usually be performed from within your account on the provider website.

You should also check in with your service provider for other best practices and security measures you can take to ensure the safety of your home and personal internet.

What does this have to do with Centriq?

We don’t claim to be the experts on internet security, but adding your wifi router and other small electronics to Centriq can give you easy access to tips, troubleshooting, essential details such as model and serial number in case you need it, and other valuable information.