Whether or not you live in a region often affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or fires, one key preparedness tip is to have a home inventory.

As a Centriq user, it’s likely that you already have all of the models and serial numbers of your major appliances, electronics, and other important items in your home.

If you don’t, consider adding more as part of emergency preparedness. This can be extremely useful to have if you need to file claims with your insurance or rebuild.

Here’s how you can use Centriq to prepare for the unexpected:

  • With Centriq you have a record of your model numbers and serial numbers for anything you have added in the app. ​
  • Important family documents, copies of insurance policies, identification, and other important documents can be stored in Centriq for safe keeping. ​
  • You can do a video walk through of your home and record narration of important details. Store that in Centriq, and you’ll know where to find it later. ​
  • Also store general photos of anything that you need to remember, record, or keep track of. ​
  • Don’t forget that Centriq stores your information on our servers, so even if we are hit by a disaster, your information is backed up, and safe. ​
  • If you have friends or family in any risk-prone areas, make sure they know about Centriq so they are covered as well.

Hopefully in most disasters you will be able to shelter in place, but if you need to prepare for an evacuation, it only takes a few minutes to snap photos of the product labels of anything you want to record.  Be sure that the image shows the manufacturer, model number, and serial number if it applies.

In addition, to creating a home inventory while you hunker down for the storm, you can access these resources for additional preparedness tips:

To those in current areas that are under watch, we here at Centriq are keeping you in our thoughts and hope for you to stay safe!