When you see the tag line “Centriq: ownership simplified,” you may wonder about the how and the what of this statement, and why it applies to you. At Centriq, our goal is to empower you to get the most from your home and everything in it. This means your home AND all your things.

Centriq simplifies your understanding of your living space

Whether you are a renter, a new home owner or a veteran who has bought and sold many homes, you know that when you take over a new living space, there is no end to the number of questions needing answers… How do I light the pilot light on the stove or water heater? How do I change the dishwasher or microwave filters? Wait, dishwashers and microwaves have filters?!?! Where is the circuit breaker and which switch leads to what? How do I program the thermostat? The ice maker has stopped working, how do I troubleshoot it? What was the speciality light bulb needed in the bathroom vanity? How do we maintain this swimming pool?

Leave it to the Centriq app to help answer these questions and then some. Add your appliances to the app and wait for the related information to come rolling in: manuals, how to videos, parts and accessories. The service also provides an appealing stock photo of the item for your easy reference, although you can use your own image too.

Centriq simplifies ownership of things

If you get into the habit of adding everything you buy to Centriq, you will find that eventually you will also feel very comfortable throwing away (recycling) any manuals, quick start guides and other “rubbish” that comes along in the box with your new product. From small electronics to furniture to appliances, Centriq can handle it all. We tell you how to install it, how to use it, how to maintain it and how to clean it. If we don’t, you can contact us to ask for more!

After you’ve got it down to “Unbox, add to Centriq, toss those manuals”… you will always have that one go-to place when you need to know how to use your things. Do you have that one widget that uses an uncommon specialized battery? Do you forget how to reprogram your smart plugs when they lose the wi-fi connection. Add them to Centriq, and we will remind you how.

Centriq simplifies home safety

Once you have all of your things entered into Centriq, the service monitors the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s announcement of recalls. If we find a match to something that you have added in Centriq, you will receive an email and a notification within the app to let you know the details and what you need to to to resolve it.

Remember, the Centriq is always FREE. Sign up/Log In, and start adding your things to see how Centriq can simplify ownership for you.