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Give each of your clients the personalized user guide for their home.

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Give your clients Centriq.

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As a sponsor, your branding will be seen every time your client uses the app.

We’ll do the rest.

We make sure your clients are using the app by sending useful alerts and emails throughout the year.

Keep your brand current

Any time you change your profile, all of your clients will see it automatically.

What the homeowner gets

  • A digital copy of all user manuals, parts and supplies, how-to videos and more

  • Reminders and alerts

  • Product recall notifications

  • A tool to easily manage their home and keep good records

What the builder gets

  • A branded app that gives homeowners all the tools they need to manage their home

  • Reduced calls and inquiries from homeowners

  • A way to be seen every time homeowners use the app

  • A useful gift to give to new homeowners


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Try it on your home.

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