Centriq offers a breakthrough free app that serves as a single starting point for fixing, using and maintaining products ranging from appliances and electronics to gadgets.  Reinventing product support for the digital age, Centriq’s unique and easy-to-use approach – all the user does is snap a photo of their favorite product and they get access to all information on how to fix, operate and maintain it – is perfect for busy people who don’t have the time to sift through endless online searches to find relevant data.

The original inspiration behind this app is the simple idea that your home – the single most expensive and complicated purchase that most of us will ever make – ought to come with a user manual.

This original concept highlighted a universal consumer need to be better supported on all of our products. Retailers and manufacturers are often extremely attentive during the pre-purchase phase, but after the products are purchased, it is challenging to find the right support required to fix, use or maintain them.

Centriq puts the power in the consumers hands by giving them ready access to all the information they need to use and fix their products as well as notifying uses of maintenance tasks or warning them about product recalls immediately.

Since its release, the Centriq app has attracted a wide range of consumers, from new homeowners and home investors with multiple properties looking to protect their investments to do-it-yourself home improvement aficionados and busy moms who seek a faster, inexpensive way to keep their homes organized and in tip-top condition, as well as  new parents who seek the ultimate in home safety.

The Centriq app is already making the post-purchase experience better for home product buyers, which, in turn, is enabling retailers and manufacturers to drive loyalty and stronger relationships with those consumers, leading to repeat business and product recommendations.


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