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Capture and share everything they need to know about your home in one place.

for Sellers

Why do sellers use Centriq?

Because confident buyers are willing to spend more.


Get noticed

Add Centriq to your listing so it stands out.

Engage buyers

When talking to buyers, use Centriq to highlight key selling points like countertops, flooring, solar panels and more.

Get more

Providing Centriq can improve buyer confidence to help you get higher offers.

Close faster

The information in Centriq can reduce buyer anxiety, meaning cleaner offers with fewer contingencies and an accelerated close.

How it works

Set up your account

Sign up for a free account, and set up your account with your email and the property address. When your house sells, you’ll transfer the account to the buyer.

Get Started

Digitize the home

Just take pictures of pictures of the nameplates of anything with an “on” switch (it’s the label with make, model and serial #), and Centriq provides user manuals, parts & supplies, and how-to videos for free. It’s incredibly easy, all you need to do is use the app to take a photo of the nameplate and we do the rest.

Add your knowledge

Use our Knowledge Capture Guide (see below) to gather other important information. Upload and organize documents and receipts. Enter the service providers who know the house. Teach the buyer how to run things by recording short videos.

Let them know it
“Comes with Centriq”

Use Centriq to differentiate your listing. We’ve provided resources you can use below. If you’re working with an agent, he or she will do this for you.

Transfer it to the buyer

Once the house has sold, it’s time to transfer this wealth of knowledge to the new owner. And it couldn’t be easier! Simply send an email to It’s as simple as that—we’ll do the rest.

More than 5 million homes were sold in 2015.*

Make your listing stand out with Centriq.

*Source: National Association of Realtors