Dynamic Asset Management for Residential Real Estate

Improve investment property by accessing dynamic support content for all your fixed asset Maintenance, Repair & Operation needs.

What is Centriq?

Centriq is a product intelligence platform. It collects, analyzes and maintains information about products, appliances and systems in a home.


Centriq’s intelligence powers new efficiencies and enhanced performance while creating new income streams.

Interview with top property manager, Tommy Chambers

Our use of Centriq has made us hands down the most effective property manager in our market—no one can deliver clients the value we can.


We’ve seen work order resolution times drop as much as 40% by having immediate access to the product spec and not having to hunt for the right parts. We’ve even been able to shift some tasks to tenant-self-service.

M. Thomas Chambers, CEO

Chambers Theory, Herndon, VA

Reduced Truck Rolls

Ensure every truck roll counts – by avoiding diagnostic trips, identifying end-of-lifed products, and instant access to warranty and recall information before the truck rolls.

Fast Work Order Closeout

With all product information at your fingertips – including the right parts and troubleshooting content – fixed asset problems are resolved quickly and cost effectively.

Accurate Capital Planning

Centriq identifies the age and expected remaining life for appliances and systems with a serial number, allowing for better repair/replace decisions and improved capital budgeting.

24/7 Safety Recall Monitoring

Reduce liability, keep tenants safe and protect capital investments, by acting on manufacturer safety recall. It’s easy with Centriq’s 24/7 product safety recall monitoring.

Tenant Satisfaction

Moving into a home with digital user manual for everything makes for an easy move-in and prevents “user-error” misuse. Add a virtual walk-through for a hands off hand-over.

Shared Access

Manage the properties, give full access to your team, and provide read-only access to your tenants and the owner, as needed.

Post-COVID Service

Reducing truck rolls used to be a matter of saving money. Now it’s a matter of saving lives.


Tenants want their problem solved but they don’t want service techs in their home. Centriq Reduces contact through self-service resources and remote diagnostics.

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Brand and Counting

Adding a fixed asset is easy

Snap a photo

Capture it during a service call, inspection or turn-over.

Have a tenants capture it

As part of a service request using our web capture (no download required).

Import using a spreadsheet

You may already have much of this info to get started,

* Example Only. For illustration purpose.


Integrate Centriq directly into your existing workflows*.


Our API makes it easy to embed Centriq into your software to enhance your existing tools with our Product Intelligence tools.

Centriq is like CarFax for the home. It Ensures we’re always working with the right information when it comes to anything appliance or equipment related.


We have been able to reduce truck rolls by being able to make quick, cost-effective decisions as soon as the service request comes in.

Frank Gerber, Partner

House Properties, Marin, CA

Any Device, Anywhere

Whether in the field or at the desk, Centriq is optimized to get the job done on any device.