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Learn how fellow homeowners have used Centriq to make their homes work for them.

Let there be light

It never fails: the bulb that blows most frequently is the one that’s high up or hard to reach. And, of course, you can never remember what type it is. Now with Centriq, you can have that information at your fingertips, so you only have…

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Tame the remodeling chaos

Remodeling is great. You make those big changes to your home so it’s exactly the way you want it. And sure, there’s a ton of chaos during the construction, but it’s all perfect in the end, right? Wrong. How do you keep track…

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This house comes with a user guide

Over 5 million homes sell every year in the United States. One every 6 seconds. When you’re selling your house you need it to be noticed in the crowd of listings. Good photos and staging help, but who isn’t doing that?

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As if being burgled wasn’t enough

It can happen to us all. And to Centriq co-founder James Sheppard, it did. Through natural disaster or theft, household items are lost, damaged, or stolen. If you’re not prepared with an accurate inventory…

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“What model is it?” How would I know?!?

You know the drill… You need a new filter for the refrigerator or a replacement knob for the stove. You call the manufacturer assuming that getting the new part will be easy. But you’re stymied by the service rep who…

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Are you sure?

Have you ever been at a store and seen something – a sofa or table – that seems perfect for your home, but you just weren’t sure it would fit? With Centriq, you can upload your floor plans and room dimensions so you always have your home’s critical measurements…

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The closing gift that keeps giving

Why is moving into a new house so difficult and disorienting? Maybe because you’re in a completely new environment, and don’t have the calm, confidence and knowledge that comes from years of experience in your home.

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What was it I was supposed to do again??

Not this time! You bit the bullet and paid $200 for the service call. Now the technician is about to leave and he’s telling you what you and the family need to know so it doesn’t happen again. You know you won’t…

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It’s like X-ray vision for the home

Ever open up a wall for a repair and discover that the wiring and pipes aren’t where you thought they’d be? So you have to take down even more drywall and the repair becomes that much harder. And much more expensive. Before the drywall…

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